The January 14th Plan Commission meeting has been cancelled and has been rescheduled for February 11th at 6:30PM.

There is a Public Hearing scheduled for 01/14/2015 concerning the adjacent property on the west side of Autumn Oaks known as The Prairie at Aberdeen. Coolman Communities is the developer of this adjacent property. This public hearing may impact our neighborhood. You are encouraged to contact the Porter County Plan Commission at 219-465-3540 with any questions you may have. You are also encouraged to attend the meeting scheduled for 01/14/2015 at 6:30PM at the Porter County Administrative Center, 155 Indiana Ave. in the County Commissioners Chambers on the 1st floor, room 205. 

Beginning on or after Monday, September 1st, the Porter County Drainage Board has contracted a company to spray the detention ponds in our subdivision in order to control invasive plants and weeds. As a precaution, please keep everyone, especially children and pets, away from the spraying equipment and stay out of the freshly sprayed areas until the application has dried, or at least
two hours after spraying.

The minutes from the annual meeting are available via the 'Homeowners Access' tab.  The homeowners contact directory has been updated and is also available via the 'Homeowners Access' tab.  If you don't already have access to the 'Homeowners Access' tab above, please email admin@autumn-oaks.org to request login credentials.

The 2014 annual Autumn Oaks meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 8th at 7PM.  We will be meeting at the Valparaiso Public Library located at 103 Jefferson St. in meeting room A.

The Porter County Plan Commission is having a public hearing on 01/08/2014 at 6:30PM at the Porter County Administrative Center, room 205. Our adjacent property owner The Praire at Aberdeen is asking the county for a primary plat approval for a forty (40) lot major subdivision.

The Porter County Drainage Board has scheduled a maintenance project for the drainage pond in our subdivision.  Any questions or concerns may be directed to Kevin Breitzke, Porter County Surveyor at 465-3560. 

Next Wednesday 10/09/2013 there will be a Plan Commission hearing about a proposed new huge subdivision on the south side of Division at N325W extending down to W100S for 434 homes!

08/30/2013 and 08/31/2013:
Friday and Saturday 8am to 2pm - Autumn Oaks Subdivision Garage Sale.

Porter County Board of Commissioners Meeting.
On July 10th 2013 the Porter County Plan Commission voted unanimously 8-0 in favor of not having a connector road with The Prairie at Aberdeen. Today, the three member Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 overruling the Plan Commission decision. 

The new Autumn Oaks contact directory for 2013 has been completed.  It is available via the "Homeowners Access" tab above. 

The Porter County Plan Commission voted and denied the proposed "The Prairie" at Aberdeen connector road with Autumn Oaks.

The Autumn Oaks contact directory for 2013 is being updated and will be available in 2013.

The 2013 annual Autumn Oaks meeting has concluded. Autumn Oaks has elected two additional board members.